After 15yrs in the Fashion Industry, I'm now a Personal Stylist & Wardrobe Consultant, helping others feel great in what they wear! From decluttering & reorganising your closet, to outfitting what you own to refresh your style, to shopping new items for your body shape & lifestyle - I believe if you look good - you feel GREAT!


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Client Testimonials

After my wardrobe was re-organised and de-cluttered by Penelope, I'm now more aware of what I'm choosing to wear each day and how I wear it. Above all, she's given me that extra confidence at putting my outfits together. And she's so much fun!! 


Wardrobe genie!! Thankyou sooo much for an awesome 3hrs in my wardrobe! You’ve done such an amazing job! I feel so good for it - you're wonder woman getting to everyone on time!

KARINA, Sydney

Shopping for a size 14 is sometimes not that fun. Penelope is practical but sensitive, and has a real eye for colour, silhouette & contour. If you’re looking for a way to feel truly lifted & reinvigorated in yourself, trust me, a it’s a real act of self care.


Soooo fun! You’re my wardrobe angel! You’ve helped me so much already.. It’s the push we all need, you're like a wardrobe boot camp coach! Get in, get it done, and move on with life! A real boost and an act of self care.


Thankyou so much for all your style advice! I already feel better & more confident in what I can do to improve my wardrobe. I'm actually excited about shopping & I usually hate it! It’s so cool that you have covered a variety of price points too. I have to say I’m loving having a personal stylist!

KATE, Sydney

This wonder woman just came & completely revamped my wardrobe! I have outfits I never knew I had! Thanks so much Penelope, you’ve got such an eye and made me feel so great about my choices. Can’t wait to buy some basics and get it all jazzed up! I highly recommend Penelope.


I’m someone who gets really very overwhelmed with having too much clothing, and can get a bit lost in ‘do I like it’ because of the brand or do I really like it?! ! It’s so helpful having another set of eyes go over your wardrobe, and Penelope is super practical!

REBECCA, Brisbane

Aaron looks so stylish in his new clothes, he is stoked! And I also feel fabulous! I have so many options, and feel so confident with what I’m wearing. It takes me seconds to get dressed and is no longer stressful. We would like to book you in at least once a year for Shopping Sessions.