Autumn Style... THE SHACKET

Fashion is always surprising us with the weird, wild and wonderful...taking us down paths of interesting colours, patterns, styles, and fits. And this season we're seeing a unique outerwear style for our Autumn/Winter wardrobes...


shacket jacket shirt
{images via Pinterest}
What exactly is a 'shacket'? 

It's somewhere in the middle of a SHIRT and a JACKET.

Think boyfriend shirt = but more structured a la trench coat. 
A flannelette style shirt = but styled like a bomber jacket.
A denim jacket = but longer past the waist like a thick un-tucked shirt.
shacket jacket shirt...
{images via Pinterest}
There are buttons to pay homage to the shirt family, and belts and pockets to represent its jacket roots. If there is one thing we know for sure about this elusive new ensemble, it's that it is versatile!
See below styles available now,
from high end to high street, denim to checks.
camilla and marc jacket
aje jacket
AJE $395
asos jacket
ASOS $220
zara jacket
ZARA $109
decjuba jacket
H&M quilted jacket
H&M $79
H&M denim jacket
H&M $49
{As seen worn by @catsanz}
STYLE TIP: if you love to layer, the shacket is for you!
And an even hotter tip? Most shackets can also be worn as dresses - think blazer dress or shirt dress. I don't want to jump the gun and call that the 'dracket'... but.. you heard it here first!
Contributor - Stacey Henschell