Some wardrobe essentials to own in black include a great tshirt, fab trousers, and quality shoes. But one item that can often be overlooked or more difficult to shop - is a great BLACK SKIRT!
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It can sometimes look a little boring in store or online... but when styled with the right items, a black midi or maxi skirt can look INCREDIBLE! And you can wear it all year round, season after season:
Summer style with a tank & sandals
Autumn style with a tshirt, denim jacket & sneakers
Winter style with a cosy knit & boots
Spring style with a light knit & loafers
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So many times when I have worn a longer style black skirt, I have been asked "Where is that from?"
SO - here's is my TOP PICKS this season available in store and online:
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 fashion style stylist shopping expert australia

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