The Skinny Jean

It's been a topic of conversation recently - from bloggers, to stylists, to 'Millennials' calling it how it is... but is the Skinny Jean OVER?
Going back years ago, it was THE only jean to own, and the ONLY style we shopped. We had it in blue, black, grey, white. We would stretched them up on and over our thighs, slowly wiggled it them our hips and finally did up the zip & button button - a tight and firm fit all the way from ankle to belly!
...skinny jean style
But is the Skinny Jean really... OVER?
NO! I don't believe it is!
I just think it is just the way we choose to style it these days. 
To me, the SKINNY jean is the perfect style to wear with an oversized jacket and heavy loafers, a cosy coat and sneakers, or chunky knit and ankle boots. It balances out the bulk of fabric around the upper body, with the bulk of the heavy shoes, making the legs slimmer in between! 
skinny jean style
So don't be disheartened by the chatter,
and go throwing out your skinny jeans that actually fit well and are so comfy!
But what I will say about JEANS?
Is that times have changed ladies... denim is not just about one style, its about owning a variety of styles! From straight leg, to slouchy 'boyfriend' style jeans,boot leg and wide leg, to the 'mom' jeans! And my FAV style?
straight leg jeans style
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straight leg jean style