JOIN the Instagram account @penelope_styling_workshops, where I share my insider knowledge on what to own and how to style a variety of Accessories!

EXCLUSIVE access to the private group will be Wednesday 13th October till Wednesday 20th October. You'll receive an email with a link to join and further details.

I'LL GO LIVE on Friday 15th October, sharing my top tips for belts, scarves, hats and jewellery. It will be saved as an IGTV to watch it at anytime that week.

EXTRA TIPS I'll also share posts with the TOP 3 items to consider owning in each category - my best suggestions for the three belts, scarves, hats and jewellery.

*I won't be answering questions during the LIVE or private DM's. Add your comments under the IGTV and posts, I will endeavour to answer as many questions as possible! *For more personalised tips I can help in more detail via an Express Styling Session*

*GST added at checkout

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