"Thanks Penny, I loved the Spring Styling Group. I got heaps of great ideas of what to add to my wardrobe for the season - a combination of seasonal items, plus essential wardrobe items. I loved your styling tips of how to put all the items together and how you can mix and match. You are a superstar on the screen and I loved watching your videos - so informative and relatable. You provide information for a wide range of people - budget, styles, lifestyle, size. I didn't love all the items you showed, but there were heaps I did love. The big thing for me is that I could see how I could apply what you showed us to my own wardrobe and style. Thanks - looking forward to the Summer Group" - Catherine

"Joining your spring styling group has been so helpful and a money saver! I constantly found in the past that I had no clear direction what to buy for the season ahead and wasted money buying things that I never really ended up wearing because I didn't know how to put them together. After being a part of your group I have learnt so much and now have a wardrobe for the season ahead that seamlessly goes together. Gone are the days where I complained that I have nothing to wear from a wardrobe full of clothes. I have loved being part of your group and would recommend it to anyone interested in how they can look their best for the season ahead" - Katrina

"You’ve totally changed the way I view my wardrobe and shop - forever!! I’m so grateful. Your spring group was absolutely stellar, and now that I’ve followed you for years, done two awesome seasonal groups, and a 1:1 consult, I finally feel I understand my style and seasonal approach to wardrobes, as well as loving and wearing my own clothes with seasonal refreshes to add a touch of this or that. I can't wait for the next Seasonal Styling Group!" - Rebecca

"I loved every minute of our session Penelope. You are as warm and lovely in person as you are on insta and I only wish I’d got you over earlier. Having you  was such a gift to myself!" 

"This wonder woman just came and completely revamped my wardrobe! I have outfits I never knew I had! Thanks so much Penelope, you’ve got such an eye and made me feel so great."

"Thankyou so much for all your style advise! I already feel better and more confident. I actually went to bed excited about shopping, and I usually hate it!"


 "You have renewed my love of looking nice again!"

"Loving your latest styling video - you are the mixing and matching wizard!!"

"You are so real! The information is amazing and delivered in such a wonderful way, so it’s easy to take in and adopt into my own style & wardrobe."

"I’ve absolutely loved being part of your Seasonal Group, it has given me so much more confidence with my wardrobe. My husband is even jealous - he now wants to find the male equivalent of you for himself!"

"You are changing my entire wardrobe, I’m so happy! I’ve already signed up to the next Seasonal Styling Group!"